Our Process

Slow Butchering – Our farm has a long running relationship with a small regional packing plant that is animal welfare accredited, certified organic, and takes the time to cut each piece of pork correctly. Our pork is then packaged in a vacuum sealed bag for maximum shelf life and freshness.

Outdoor Farrowing – Piglets born in insulated farrowing (birthing) huts in pasture with freedom to access outdoors from day 1.

Organic Feed – Pigs eat 100% organic feed grown without pesticides and GMOs.

Genetics –  Part of the reason why the pork your eating tastes so great is the heritage breeds of pigs we keep on the farm. Berkshire and Chester White pigs are the primary breeds we breed and raise. They have highly marbled meat with superior eating qualities. Berkshires produce a whole carcass that is well marbled. It is consistently sweet, tender, juicy and palatable.

Straw –  It is a crucial element in our farms plan to create a continual bed for the pigs with natural straw from the aftermath of our farm’s grain harvest.  This not only warms the pigs in cold weather, but offers them a kind of play matter for the expression of their natural curiosity.  Pigs will spend time manipulating the straw and it seems to allow expression of their natural instinct.