Bento Box

Pork Loin & Tenderloin

Single Ribbed Pork Belly

Center Cut Pork Chop

“When I was researching Organic pork that would fit Good Earth standards, Jude Becker of Becker Lane Pork's name would always come up. I really had no other choice but to call them for samples and farming information. Turns out it is also the best tasting pork we tried. And..we tried a lot of pork in our research. After introducing it to our customers, we started getting the same feed back from them "best tasting pork we've ever had". Our standards are high at Good Earth and so are the standards at Becker Lane. It has been a great partnership since that introduction. Quality pork, sustainable raised and humanly processed. Worth every dollar spent !”

~ Donna Cairati Meat and Seafood Department Manager, Good Earth Natural Foods.

“Thank you for all the care you guys put into your products! Can’t wait to order more once I eat my way through this first order - made a lovely Japanese dish yesterday with the loin!”

~ Samuel – Culinary Director at Third Culture Bakery

What Does Certified Organic Mean

All of us live as part of the one Earth and manifest it’s animating life force. With this in mind, all civilization stems from the soil. Cuisine starts with the soil, and healthy food cannot be produced without healthy soil.  The organic and regenerative practices I’ve carried forward by picking up where my ancestors left off on the land we’ve been lucky enough to steward for generations ensures that the pork on your plate has been a creation of this belief.